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I’m really one who believes in if you don’t like something do something about it, so I think that’s where so much of this hatred for my nose comes from, because I want to fix it but I can’t. It literally makes me feel bad everyday. I wish I didn’t break it. I don’t want to go through another school year looking like this. I don’t even feel like going or doing anything. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for anything. I know most people wouldn’t notice it, but I notice it and I don’t want to fix it for other people. I really just want to feel good about myself for once.

I wish I could get this nose thing done so I could feel good about one thing in my life, one of the worst feelings is not feeling good enough. 

Got told today that I can’t get my rhinoplasty till next summer. I hate thinking about going through another year. It is one of the worst feelings. So let down.

I feel like my nose is getting worse everyday

I hate my nose so much. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow. It’s so embarrassing. I wish I could feel confident for once in my life.

I stay up so late watching rhinoplasty videos on YouTube.

A nose job won’t fix all my problems but maybe I won’t feel like crap everyday then I can actually work on being happy

So today this girl was going to up these girls and telling them they have a cute nose, only they didn’t really have the best noses…then she told me i had a cute nose. I already hate my nose enough. 

I have so many good dreams where my nose is finally fixed

All I want for Christmas is a nose job.

One more year.